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Project introduction

In 2013, Mr. Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China proposed “The Belt and Road” initiative, calling on the countries along the two silk roads to abide by ancient wisdom and traditional friendship, to use the historical symbol of the ancient silk road, to uphold the banner of peaceful development and actively develop economic cooperation partnership, to work together to build a community of shared interests, common destiny and shared responsibility featured by political mutual trust, economic integration and cultural inclusion.

In August, 2017, the 5th FIAP Photo Meeting was held in Shandong province, China, during which, “Silk Road Photographic Organization International Alliance” was formally established by the signature of 39 B&R countries, and “Qingdao Declaration” was also released to take “inheriting the spirit of silk road, focusing on the Belt and Road, innovating cooperation and development and integrating reciprocity and win-win strategy” as the tenet of the union, to take the communication in the field of photography as the link, to promote cross-boundary integration and innovative development of multiculturalism and strengthen the mutual understanding and cultural exchanges among member states and regions.

We welcome adolescent photography enthusiasts from all Silk Road countries to participate in “the Silk Road Youth International Photography Competition”. Welcome youth organizations, photography groups, schools of all B & R countries to participate in the organizing, planning and promotion of the competition. Welcome all institutions dedicated to the Belt and Road construction, personal attention, support to the competition, information providing and assistance to competitors. Welcome all media to keep reporting on the competition. “The Silk Road Youth International Photography Competition” under the common efforts of all parties, will become a platform of cultural exchange between Belt and Road adolescents, making photograph, the art form with nearly 180 years of history, to glow wit.

Silk Road Youth International Photography Competition Organizing Committee

2 November 2017

Competition Declaration

In ancient times, people lived in Nile basin, Mesopotamia, Indus basin, Yellow River basin migrated by the river and weed. Different ethnic groups met and separated in plains and mountains, making plant and animal species, craft skills, taboos and beliefs, and even human genes flow and spread along the Eurasian Land Bridge, forming the closely connected evolution of civilization.


The Rules of Competition

In August 2017, Silk Road Photographic Organization International Alliance was officially founded after a signing ceremony joined by Belt and Road countries (hereinafter referred to as B&R countries) in China. In order to conform to the alliance’s tenet of “inherit the Silk Road spirit, focus on the Belt and Road development, enhance innovation, cooperation and development, adhere to reciprocity and win-win strategy”, and with the aim of practicing the photography exchanges among B&R countries, promoting cross-boundary integration and innovation development of diverse cultures, and strengthening youth photography education and communication in the world, Silk Road Photographic Organization International Alliance specially initiated the Silk Road Youth International Photography Competition in cooperation with Beijing China Millennium Monument World Art Center, Beijing International Art and Photography Foundation, Shandong International Cultural Exchange Center.


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International organization measures

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